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Leadership Talks Podcast!

Melissa Harlan, owner and founder of the Drink Me! Tea Room got a chance to sit down with Dr. Kate Vawter, founder of Ascent Solutions, to discuss Tea, Sustainability and Leadership. Dr. Vawter is the host of the Leadership Talks podcast. Here is the Leadership Talks introduction to the episode. 

“In this episode of Leadership Talks, Dr. Kate Vawter speaks with Melissa Harlan, Owner & Founder of Drink Me! Tea Room. Tune in to this episode as Melissa talks about:

* working at Disney early in her career, and the hospitality training she still uses today

* her corporate journey, and the experiences that led to her entrepreneurial pursuit

* living and working in her community

* her modern twist on traditional British afternoon tea

* eco-friendly practices, and how she embraces sustainability


In the Summer of 2020, with inspiration from her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland, Melissa opened a Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Afternoon Tea Room where guests enjoy allergen-friendly chef confections, organic teas, and local spirits to celebrate and escape their own corporate craziness. As someone who lives with food allergies, it was extremely important to Melissa to ensure that there was a place that anyone could visit and to be able to enjoy all the treats of an afternoon tea without the worry.

Over her career, Melissa worked for some of the top companies known for their customer experience, including Disney, Southwest Airlines and Verizon. She knows how important attention to detail is in creating an outstanding and unforgettable experience. Now retired from spreadsheets and head counts, Melissa puts all her detail-focused talent into ensuring guests have an amazingly immersive time with premium tea, wonderful treats and hand-crafted cocktails in collaboration with local Tempe distilleries, Wild Hare & Arizona Distilling Co. Drink Me!

Tea Room is a unique experience providing Tempe, Arizona a charming and magical tea escape.”

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