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Partner Charity: Elephant Care Unchained

Elephant Care Unchained is Drink Me! Tea Room’s partner charity.

Elephant Care Unchained is an organization, lead by Steve K., that is focused on helping elephants live more fulfilled lives around the world.

Steve’s original conception of Elephant Care Unchained was born in early 2013 when he made his first trip to India as a skilled volunteer with Wildlife SOS. It was there that he learned about the cruel treatment of elephants in their native countries. The brutality that elephants endure on a daily basis was something Steve felt compelled to address. It was after this eye opening experience Steve decided to commit his life to improving elephants lives globally. He has now established Elephant Care Unchained, a 501c3 organization dedicated to eliminating cruelty and improving elephant welfare in their native countries. 

Steve teaches caretakers how to humanely train and care for their elephants as well as provide life enrichment activities and feeding routines. Steve also helps with medical care for elephants who have foot issues. 

The Drink Me! Tea Room Team loves the elephants and wanted to be a part of this journey to help them live fulfilled lives “unchained.”  We offer Elephant Care Unchained Merchandise on our website and in the Tea Room. We also have a dedicated looseleaf tea (“Bumblefruit) and special-Tea cocktail (“the Heffalump”) with proceeds going to Steve and the work he is doing around the world. 

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