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Canvas Rebel: Mission Driven Brands & Creators

It was great to talk with Canvas Rebel and be included in their recent list of :

Mission Driven Brands & Creators 

We recently connected with Melissa Harlan and have shared our conversation below.

Melissa, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. Let’s kick things off with your mission – what is it and what’s your story behind why it’s your mission? Dedicated to providing organic, vegan and gluten free food in a fun way that connects people with each other to build community and share kindness with the world. 

As always, we appreciate you sharing your insights and we’ve got a few more questions for you, but before we get to all of that can you take a minute to introduce yourself and give our readers some of your background and context? Drink Me! Tea Room is a unique experience providing Tempe with a charming and magical tea escape. A gluten-free, plant-based, afternoon tea room where guests enjoy allergen-friendly chef confections, organic teas, and local spirits to celebrate and connect with family and friends. I am very proud of the team for maintaining sustainable business practices. Along with obtaining a City of Tempe sustainability business of the year award.

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