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Sustainable Earth’s Small Business Award 2022

We are so honored to be interviewed and featured as one of Sustainable Earth’s Small Business Award winners for 2022 and featured in their article and podcast.

Drink Me! Tea Room | Making Sustainability Scrumptious

From the very start she wanted the business to be a reflection of herself, which is why the tea room is gluten-free, organic, and plant based. Melissa eats a gluten-free vegan diet and found it frustrating when restaurants only served one or the other with very limited options. She said that the tea room is a place where customers don’t need to ask a million questions about what is in the food. As a plant-based tea room, sustainability is already baked into their business model through avoiding the greenhouse gas emissions, chemical inputs, biodiversity loss, and animal abuse associated with animal-products and factory farming. But their initiatives to lessen their environmental impact don’t stop there. Recycling, composting, minimizing waste, conserving energy and purchasing local, organic, or plastic-free products are all efforts that Drink Me! Tea Room focuses on.

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Listen to the podcast interview here at The Green Scene.

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